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 General Furniture Tips 

Have More Questions?
Call us and a consultant will help you.

Here are some simple rules to follow when planning you office design. This will also help
you decide the size of the furniture and being able to take the furniture with you to a new
Here we also discuss items we do not show on this site but may be needed for your office
and we can get them for you.

3 Feet Rule:
This may be the most simple yet the most important rule. Leave 3 feet every where the a
person walks and sits. For Example: leave 3 Feet for a chair between a wall and desk for
a chair. Leave 3 feet for chairs sitting around a conference table. Leave 3 feet walkways
in hallways. Most states fire code requires this.

Desks Rules and Sizes:
Here are the sizes of the basic desks that are made today.
Tell marketing / data entry 24" by 45" desk
Assistant /data entry/ sales 30" by 48" desk
Associate/ Sales 30" by 60" desk
Administrative/ Sales 30" by 60" desk Plus a 20" by 40"-42" Return or
L-shape attachment
Manager/ executive associate 30"By 66" desk
Mid management 30" by 66" desk Plus a 24" by 42"-48" Return or L-shape attachment
svp/ mid management 36" by 72" desk
CEO/Upper management 36" by 72" desk Plus a 24" by 42"-48" Return or L-shape

Credenza Rules:
Placed behind or on the side of the desks.
Basic 20 by 60, 20 by 66, 20 by 72.
Executive 22-24 by 66, 22-24 by 72. Depending of the manufacturer.  
Commercial grade bookcases come in 2 basic sizes but other sizes are available.
Laminete/formica 36" Wide 48" high
Laminete/formica 36" wide 72" high
Wood/Veneer 36" Wide 48" high
Wood/Veneer 36" Wide 72" high  

Chairs come in a variety of sizes and features. We will cover them here.

Task chairs.
Small secretarial or data entry chairs on wheels with and without arms. Stationary or
adjustable arms and just go up and down.
Manager chairs/ Ergonomic chairs.
Med size chairs with a wide range of features. Back, seat, height. Tension, tilt, and arm
adjustments. These maybe leather or fabric and have some or all the features.
Middle management.
These may be larger ergonomic chairs. As well as the high back leather chair with or
without adjustable arms
Executive chairs.
These are typically high back chairs in leather or fabric. They may have a wood arms or
adjustable arms. Some or all ergonomic features as well as a head rest. Larger arms and
a wider back.
These are stand alone chairs that can be a simple as a stacking chairs to a for
substantial wood framed chair.
Conference chairs.
A mid back chair with very limited features. They can be with or without wheels. In fabric
or leather. With a tilt lock and up and down pneumatic for those on wheels.

There are two types of panels. Cubical type and plain divider. When installing leave
space for panels. Leave 6 inches for cubicles and 3 inches for individual panels.

Thin panel dividers 1-2 inches can stand by themselves, most are standard.

30"w by 48" H
36"w by 48" H
60"w by 48" H Can be ordered in reverse
60"w by 60" H
60"w by 72" H Can be ordered in reverse

Cubical Panels
These are thicker panels which can not stand by themselves. These are 2 to 3 inches
thick. There are many sizes and styles of cubicles and there panels. Call us for a
consultant to help you. Because cubicles are modeler there are many configurations you
can make them.  They also have additional amenities such power race ways. This means
you can plug in and attach you phone lines in then as well. There is some additional
costs such as hiring an electrician to run wire and connecting the power. Also your phone
people will have to run there wires in the bottom of the race way.  But if you want to
maximize the space may be your best option. Its still cheaper then hiring architects and
getting building permits.

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