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Furniture Consultants

We at Office Furniture Place consider furniture knowledge a core part of what we
do. Many people sell office furniture to clients with out understanding what the
clients needs are.  We try educate our clients not only of the does and daunts but
also some of the industry jargon. We also provide consulting services to a variety of
clients with different needs. Below is a short list of services.  

ON-Site Vendor Services

We do more then just show up and meet the vendors. We ask all of the right
questions of the possible vendors. As well as follow up and referees.
We are present at all times during the time those vendors are performing there jobs.
We create the schedule and have a back up plan. Many clients have thing going on
all of the time and need assistance.

Project management

Whether you have a construction project or just redecorating. We can be your eyes
and ears. As well and find bidders if need be. Many projects take a lot longer and
end up costing much more as well as take longer because the client has either no
time or understanding what has to be done. We also try to find innovative ways to
save. We have had clients that hired a project manager yet that person had several
to manage and could never be found when needed. Each of our project managers
get no more then 3 projects at a time.

Project Cost Analysis

From the time the bids are submitted to picking a vendor and running the project
costs are incurred. each step is broken down and analyzed for value.
You can have two vendors do the same job with different ending costs. We a bid is
given we ask to see a plan from the vendor of procedure. To see if all necessary
steps are taken. Also if there is a better way. At times a vendor to make changes
because of past experience. Those changes are then included in the new plan. At
the end of a project a total break down is given as detailed as possible.

Furniture analysis and valuations.

If you are moving and need to donate  your old furniture. Or need replacement
value for your insurance company. We can create a detailed inventory and
replacement values.

In conclusion we provide these services because many of our clients end up getting
the short end of the stick. If you decide to use our services you will find them honest
and reasonable because we consider this services as an added value to our clients

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